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Thank You to all the Donors and Volunteers

Senator Michael Regan*

Roland E. and Patricia H. Ferris Foundation, A Fund of the PAA Foundation

Mr. Wilbur & Mrs. Karen Shirey *

Mr. Merle Mrs. Donna Barkley *

Thank you to all our anonymous donors


Ms. Dolly Rice Kern*

Ms. Nancy Kent

Mr. William Schubart

Mr. Charles Kacsur

Barnitz Church SWAP Group

Dr, JoAnn Coslett

Earth Work Landscape Design & Construction, LLC

Ms. Doris Fahnestock & Vicki Fahnestock*

Mr. John Pearce

Mr. John C. Dailey & Mrs. Ann M. Dailey

Unitarian Universalists of the Cumberland Valley

Mr. James Burgess

From the Paula A. and Charles E. Bussard Fund, a charitable fund of the Greater Harrisburg

Community Foundation, a regional foundation of The Foundation for Enhancing

Communities (TFEC).

Mr. John Cameron

Ms. Ruth Kovacs*

Mt. Holly Springs Lions Club

Mr. Eric BrownE

Dr. Andre Weltman

Ms Cynthia Thompson*

Ms. Annan Hollinger

Mt. Holly Springs Lions Club

Mr. Jeffrely R. Culpepper & Ms. Susan K. Witherow in honor of Ms Joyce Witherow

Ms. Marie L. Buffalo*

Mr, Randy Watts & Mrs. Laura Watts*

Mr. Donald Grell*

Ms. Zola T Noble

Mr. Brian G. Fritz*

Ms. Peggy Still

Ms. Patricia H. Singley

Mr Samuel J. Rob & Mrs. Edith M. Rob

Mr. Roger Jumper

Mr. Peter Ray

Ms. Christy Hoover

Ms. Ann Pehle

Mr. Richard McDaniels

Mr. Ralph Brandt

Ms. Susan Scott

Rotary Club of Carlisle - Sunrise*

Ms. Wendy McIntosh

Mr. & Mrs.  Steven W. Bretz

Ms Terrie O'Neal*

Greg & Laurie Smith

Ms. Jan Brinkman

Ms. Dawn Connif*

Mr. Paul Hoch*

Ms. Rebecca Creelman -

Mr. Blair Williams*

Ms.  April Tuggle*

Wade & Jean Seibert

Ms. Connie Wilson*

Ms. Judy Wheaton*

Ms. Brenda Gumby Gaines & Sisters*

Mr. Joseph Kintz

Ms. Cheryl Dickerson

Mr.  Michael Kennedy

Mr. Matthew Rutkowski and his team of workers

Eric  & Diane Sotello *

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tomkiel

Ms. Patricia H. Singley

Mr. Derek Wise and the team of Family and fellow Scouts

Geo. W. Weaver & Son Inc. Moving and Storage

Mr. Joe Baker, PennDOT and team excavators

Doug & Amanda Bradley, Keystone Sign Services

Ms. Lindsay Hough

Mr. Jeb Boyd

Ms. Siobhan Chrosniak

Mr. Salvatore Fulginiti*

Carlisle, PA Rotary

Ms. Candice M Ward*

Nickolas G. & Doris B Stamos

Mr. David Toner*

Ms. June L Shomaker

Mr. Chuck Stodter & Julia Chain *

Mr. Larry & Mrs. Anna Foster*

Ms. Cheryl Peters -  Artist

Edward & Carmen James*

John W. & Patricia A. Zinn*

Kenneth E. & Elizabeth M. Degroot

Charles L & Susan M. Holtry,Jr.

Ms.  Sue Hawck*

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel J. Rob

Ms. Debra Sandoe McCauslin

Home Depot:  Danielle Green, Jen Hamilton,Stephen Meck,Joseph Cummings,Geoffrey Albertson, Judy Corcoran-Smith

Mr. Tony Zizzy

Mr. Kevin Stoner*

Ms. Patricia Williams Manchester

Ms. Sharon Eckert Filipovich*

Ms. Jenn Wilely

Mr. Andrew Dapkins

Mr. Burr Beard 

Ms Barbara Gertzen*

Ms. Jennifer Minich

William S. Todd and Marjorie A Todd

Ms. Vicki Russell*

Minor W. Redmond, Jr & Marcy Redmond*

 Craig C. Redmond, Sr. & Velma Redmond*

Mrs. Barbara E. Redmond*

Mr. & Mrs. Merle Barkley *

Mr Craig C. Redmond, Jr.*

Ms Janice G. Sweeney

Ward/Smith Family*

Mr. Chris Smith & Mrs. Dani Smith *

Ms. Dorothy Trigg

Ms. Liana Eberly

Ms. Pam Still*

Dr. Lindsay Varner & Mr. Chris Varner*

Ms. Becky Zelle

Mr. Samuel J. Rob & Mrs. Edith M. Rob

PHMC/PA State Historic Preservation Office

Ms. Rosalind Gumby Bauchem*

Mr. Christopher Varner*

C. Reed 

Mr. Steve Soopwes & Linda Wells*

Ms. Cathy Dewalt*

Mrs. Judi Whitesell

Preservation PA

Mr, Jay and Mrs. Joan McBride*

Richard and Ann Gobin

Ms. Cynthia Thompson*

Orton Family Foundation

Underground Railroad Quilt For Display In Mt. Tabor - Anonymous Gift

Donations given in memory of  Barbara E. Redmond:

Mr. Larry Foster & Mrs. Anna Foster*

Ms. Lisa  Milos*

Mr. Frederick Burgess*

Ms. Jen Dieter*

Cumberland County Historical Society*

Mr.  Tsu-Sheng William Su &  Mrs Anne Su

Mr. Gene Cianfrana & Mrs. June Cianfrana

Ms. Vicki Russell*

Ms. Janice K. Pace*

Ms. Esta F. Fegley*

Ms. Dorothy Myers*

Mr. David Toner*

Ms. Lin Anderson

Mr. Henry Fry & Mr. David Fry

Chuck Stodter and  Julia Chain*

PA Humanities Council

Mr. Scott Durham

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Durham

Ms. Dorothy Meyers*

Mr. Scott Wagner

American Legion Post 674, Mt. Holly Springs, PA*

Ms. Sharon McLaughlin, Cumberland County Veterans Affairs

Ms.Janet Ryan

The Gumby Family

Mr. Kevin Hollowell

Mr. Chuck Crone

Ms. Esta Fegley*

Prof. Jordan Hays and her scanning team from Dickinson College*

Mr. Angelo Tarzona*

Dickinson College first year students that worked in cemetery

Home Depot, Carlisle PA*

United Way - Day of Caring  (2016 and 2017) - Giant Foods/Ahold

Mr.  Craig Bachik

Amelia  S. Givin Library

Mount Holly Springs Specialty Paper*

Mt. Holly Springs Borough Council and Chief Day - Borough Manager*

Cumberland County Historical Society and it’s staff*

* Denotes multiple donations

Thank you to all the hundreds of people and organizations that visited the project on the bus tours.


Thank you to all the neighbors that have lent us their trucks, collected our trash and have been overall great  supporters of Mt. Tabor.

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