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2017/2018 Achievement

  1. Removed trees from roof and covered roof

  2. Stored church furniture in storage locker

  3. Installed fence around cemetery

  4. Selected by Preservation Pennsylvania for 2018  “At Risk Historic Sites”

  5. Listed on 2017 Cumberland Co.Register of Historic  Places

  6. Dickinson College performed Ground Penetrating Radar in Cemetery

  7. Replaced Civil War grave markers and flag holders

  8. Restoration of clock

  9. Landscaped cemetery/reset tombstones

2019 Goals

  1. 2019 fundraising goal is $5,000.00. Bulk of these funds will help pay marker cost/fees

  2. Acquire a State Historic Marker

  3. Begin steps for listing on National Historic Register

  4. Locate additional cemetery that is older than Mt. Tabor 

  5. Steven Campbell, IUP student, to complete 3D and GPR scanning (inside and outside church).  Also collect oral histories,excavation and architectural surveys, as well as metal detecting

  6. Tombstone cleaning

  7. Research history of USCT soldiers buried in cemetery

  8. Find lawn cutting maintenance for both church and cemetery

  9. Focus on church structure

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