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Mt. Tabor Preservation Project Welcomes You

Mt. Tabor Preservation Project at a Glance

A Bit of Background

It all started with one phone call asking for a story about the old church on Cedar Street.  This call and the resulting stories from the Gumby Family led to an overwhelming turnout of neighbors and volunteers.  It all started with a  phone call and the Ward/Smith family found the grave of their grandfather/great grandfather.  Mt. Tabor Preservation Project has grown out of those first phone calls.  The Preservation believes the church and cemetery are an important piece of history and the goal is to ensure that both are on course to be recognized and maintained.

2024 Goals

  1. Fundraise $10,000 for Mount Tabor Annual Fund

  2. Secure additional grant funding to complete restoration project

  3. Obtain land for a parking lot

  4. ADA ramp and outdoor restrooms for Mt. Tabor

  5. Installation of HVAC in Mt. Tabor

  6. Assess all artifacts

  7. Complete all first floor restoration

    1. Painting

    2. Carpeting

    3. Wall sconces

    4. Outdoor sconce

    5. Interior historic hardware

  8. Continue maintenance at the cemetery

  9. Support Eagle Scout candidate project

  10. Establish and promote outreach and tour schedule

  11. Create signage for pop up exhibit

  12. Create brand kit and updated logo

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 It started with a phone call and a family story was heard


First phase of the Mt Tabor preservation has been completed.

The foundation restoration and new roof has been installed.


Second phase of the Mt Tabor preservation has been completed.

All rotten logs have been replaced and floor reinstalled with wood replaced where needed.  The building is now stable and no longer needs support post.   

Third phase of the Mt Tabor Preservation is completed!

We still have work to do......but we want to thank our Grant providers.

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13 Cedar St, Mt. Holly Springs, PA, USA

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Mt. Tabor Church

13 Cedar Street

Mt. Holly Springs, PA 17065

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 Mt. Tabor Preservation Project

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