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Mt. Tabor Preservation Project at a Glance

A Bit of Background

It all started with one phone call asking for a story about the old church on Cedar Street.  This call and the resulting stories from the Gumby Family led to an overwhelming turnout of neighbors and volunteers.  It all started with a  phone call and the Ward/Smith family found the grave of their grandfather/great grandfather.  Mt. Tabor Preservation Project has grown out of those first phone calls.  The Preservation believes the church and cemetery are an important piece of history and the goal is to ensure that both are on course to be recognized and maintained.

2021 Goals

  1. Fundraising goal $350,000.00

  2. Flagpole for the cemetery

  3. Begin full preservation of site

  4. Installation of solar lights in the cemetery*

  5. Acquire a parking lot for Mt. Tabor location

  6. Acquire Architects Designs & Engineer Report

  7. Installation of interpretive signage  for cemetery & Mt. Tabor

  8. Host educational event at the site

  9. Market the site to increase tourism

  10.  Being listed on the National Register of Historic Places *

  11.  Apply & obtain a PA State marker

No upcoming events at the moment

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13 Cedar St, Mt. Holly Springs, PA, USA

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 It started with a phone call and a family story was heard