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Mt. Tabor Preservation Project Welcomes You

Mt. Tabor Preservation Project at a Glance

A Bit of Background

It all started with one phone call asking for a story about the old church on Cedar Street.  This call and the resulting stories from the Gumby Family led to an overwhelming turnout of neighbors and volunteers.  It all started with a  phone call and the Ward/Smith family found the grave of their grandfather/great grandfather.  Mt. Tabor Preservation Project has grown out of those first phone calls.  The Preservation believes the church and cemetery are an important piece of history and the goal is to ensure that both are on course to be recognized and maintained.

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 It started with a phone call and a family story was heard

Our Story-

Started with a phone call and we were connected to our history

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Heart and Soul

Captured our Stories

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2020 Goals

  1. 2020 fundraising goal is $5,000.00

  2. Obtain an address for Mt. Tabor

  3. Celebrate 150 Year Anniversary of Mt. Tabor

  4. Begin steps for National Register Recognition 

  5. Develop formal meeting schedule

  6. Start Grant process - 1st Spring 2020 - 2nd. March 2020

  7. *Locate Johnson Family Cemetery

  8. Complete a Feasibility Study for Mt. Tabor Church

  9. Focus on Church Structure

  10. Projects at Cemetery:  

    • Pathway & Parking Pad

    • Ground level solar lights for graves without headstones

    • Solar Flagpole

2019 Goals

  1. *2019 fundraising goal is $5,000.00. Bulk of these funds will help pay marker cost/fees

  2. Acquire a State Historic Marker (Package submitted 12/2019)

  3. *Begin steps for listing on National Historic Register

  4. Locate additional cemetery that is older than Mt. Tabor 

  5. *Steven Campbell, IUP student, to complete 3D and GPR scanning (inside and outside church).  Also collect oral histories,excavation and architectural surveys, as well as metal detecting

  6. *Research history of USCT soldiers buried in cemetery

  7. *Find lawn cutting maintenance for both church and cemetery

  8. *Focus on church structure

*denotes goal achieved

10 - Minute History Talks - Cemetery Care with Mt. Tabor Project
Thu, Jun 04
ZOOM or live FaceBook
Jun 04, 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM EDT
ZOOM or live FaceBook
Join Lindsay Varner Cumberland County Historical Society Community Outreach Director and Vice-President of MTPP for a 10- minute history of the site and hear how volunteers have worked to restore the Cemetery . No RSVP on this page

Contact Mt. Tabor Preservation Project

Cedar St, Mt. Holly Springs, PA, USA

Please send your donations to:

Cumberland County Historical Society

21 N. Pitt  Street

Carlisle, PA  17013

Attn: Lindsay Varner

On memo line of check list Mt. Tabor Church

Or Donate Online via the Cumberland County Historical Society Website

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